My favourite free resources for high quality free Architectural Textures

Whether it is an atmospheric section which you are adding textures in Photoshop or applying the texture to a 3D model for a sleek render, it is really important that the textures you use are of quality.

Good textures are ideally high in resolution and seamless, this means that when they repeat you can see a crisp material and do not see ‘edges’. Here are some great websites that have plenty of good quality textures that are free.


CG Textures (now also was the go-to of all websites hosting textures. You have plenty of brick, concrete, sky decals amongst others. The choice is wide and varied – the only snag is that now you can still download textures for free, however for the high resolutions you have to pay to access the files (Boo!). Still, it is a helpful resource and worth checking out.


Well, is a great website. Most importantly, the textures are very high resolution, seamless and free to use for personal and commercial use. As a bonus, the website has a collection of cutout figures as well. The search function is basic, there are no categories but due to the fact that the textures themselves are awesome this is one website that is worth scroll through each page to find the next gem they have in their collection.


Alright, this website isn’t going to win the award for the most pretty and a lot of textures haven’t been updated in over two years but the files that are there are good quality, high resolution and free. Search function is pretty limited but you have categories, check it out!


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